Discovering who the wizard of Oz really is..

ImageNever forget that experiencing abundance in your life, in all it’s forms, requires you to receive it. It’s often overlooked. I think, in part, because it requires us to do nothing.

Receiving does not require effort. You are not “doing” anything. You are not looking for something. You can’t try to receive. You can’t force receiving. There isn’t a magic formula or process that you can force. It simply requires you to stop, relax, and receive. The universe, by it’s very nature, is abundance. In so many ways a life overflowing with abundance requires us to do nothing other than receive.

Receiving is easy. Receiving is fun. Receiving requires us to expend energy however it does not require us to “work”. In my younger years I was an avid football fan. At the beginning of a game the ref and the two team captains would approach the center of the field. The ref would flip a coin to decide who would kick off and who would receive. The winning captain would always choose to receive, never to kick off. He knew what the intention of the game was. It was to take the football and get it into the other teams’ end zone. He couldn’t very well do that unless he had the ball. By choosing to receive he forced the other team into delivering (kicking) the ball to his team. He knew they wouldn’t know exactly where the ball was going to land so they had to be alert and aware.

However they didn’t have to go looking for it. As a matter of fact if they keep looking for where the ball might appear it was a sure bet they would not be prepared to receive the ball when it showed up. They needed to stay alert. To literally keep their heads up and stay flexible and be ready to move when the ball appeared in their vision. (Awareness)

We would do very well to emulate this choice.

The definition of receiving is “Something given, offered, or transmitted”. Receiving by it’s very definition does not entail direct action. It does not mean going and finding something. It means receiving. Something has been offered to us.

When the Pizza Guy delivers pizza to our door we don’t have to rip it from their hands or beat them into submission. You may laugh at that last statement but isn’t that so often exactly what we do in the process of manifesting?

Simple choose to receive. Let your morning begin with the statement “I choose to receive all the wonderful gifts that my manifesting efforts will deliver to me today.”

Don’t think about this next statement too much. Just remember it and one day it will make perfect sense to you.

As you continue to create, and receive you will come to the realization that you don’t have to receive anything because you already have it. All you are doing is releasing the illusion that you don’t.

Within the previous statement is where the “real work” takes place. As I mentioned earlier manifesting your dreams and desires takes work. As a matter of fact it will probably be the hardest work you will ever do while at the same time being the absolute best investment of your energy there is.

It is possible, not easy, but most definitely possible. For me, one of my biggest challenges was learning how to look, and interact, with my world in a way that’s often diametrically opposed to the way everyone else does. I have done it, and continue to nurture the growth and expansion of it.

Trust me when I say there will be times where it feels a lot like you’ve slid down the rabbit hole into the land of Oz. Trust me as well, when I offer from one who has lived there for some time now, that it’s the best place to be.

I’ll conclude with a statement I read from a Indian Mystic that I would like to echo for myself.

He said “There is a field where everything and all things are possible, I will meet you there.”


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