In 30 years I’ll be dead

(Disclaimer – No, I have not received a terminal diagnosis that will kill me in precisely 30 years, it’s just a catchy title :))

In thirty years I’ll be dead. That is by far the most freeing truth in my life.

And here’s why.

First, it very effectively lights a roaring fire under my butt. This month is the fourth anniversary of my teaching workshops in the United States. As a matter of fact a couple of weeks ago I taught at the very same resort where I taught that workshop. It is  eight years since I received my Reiki Master’s training. During a discussion this past weekend I heard myself say how I have been on this journey for ten years. When I think back to those early days it seems like an eternity while at the same time it feels like it was only yesterday.

Within that understanding is the spark that lights the fire that is currently singeing the hairs on my butt….. but I’ll mercifully move onto another visual…… 🙂

Before I know it I’ll be dead. If the next ten, twenty, thirty years ahead pass as quickly as the past decade I have way too much to do before the end. One of my mentors Bob Proctor says “You don’t have to slow down just calm down”. That is one of the foundational mantras I do my best to embody every day.

I don’t have time to waste.
I don’t have time to procrastinate over a step I know I must make.
I don’t have time to complain about what was or what could be, I need to focus on here and now because that’s where miracles reside.
I don’t have time to blame or dig through the forensics of anyone or anything outside myself. I am solely responsible for how I manage my present moment.
I don’t have time to wait until tomorrow to act
I don’t have time to put off taking a risk and a step of faith

By the way …. neither do you ………

Here’s why I have nothing to fear.

No matter how bad I may “screw up” or how idiotic a decision I make is, I will only have to live with the consequences for a short period of time. Those of you who are reading this at the ripe old age of twenty may look at the ominous number of thirty years and view it as an eternity, however I know there are many others who, like me, have experienced firsthand how fast the years can fly by.

My mistakes will not dog me forever, it’s all good because before I know it I’ll be dead.

Some people have mid life crises. I say it’s just half time in the biggest game of your life. The only game of your life. Only one person can play it, YOU. Only one person can experience the excitement of possibilities, the anguish of transient defeats, and the ecstasy of victory.

Only you.

So how about jumping with me?  It’s time for me to launch into a new and even more exciting version of who I AM.

After all what’s the worst that can happen, you die? Okay, so now we have that out of the way let’s play the game like our life depends on it.

Because it does.

I’m not saying for one second we live everyday waiting to be hit by a truck or have a stray meteor land on our head. I am suggesting we shed our fear of death. For me the best way to do that is fill every day with living.

And if the “worst” happens and you die before me, save a place at the table and I’ll see you there. We’ll share our adventures of how we lived and regale each other with our exploits.

For me the tragedy will not be that we die. The tragedy will be if we have nothing to talk about when we do.

Russ Littau

Founder of The Healing Center and Convergence Reiki


2 thoughts on “In 30 years I’ll be dead

  1. Absolutely brilliant and resilient thoughts. I am so truly blessed to call you my friend. Blessings always brother in your ‘travels’ and I am so excited for your learning and sharing the Universal Truths. Namaste

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