If you’re grumpy and you know it, clap your hands.


An important, and vital, aspect of our growth is releasing those aspects of our past that don’t serve us anymore. Okay, I know that sounds kind of “floofy” so let’s make it more real.

We’ve all had those experiences that after they have made the transition from a current event into a memory cause us to go “ouch” whenever we think of them as we feel the unpleasant and unwanted sensations of an emotional charge attached to them. As we remember them we wish they never had happened,  had acted differently, or the other players had. Essentially we wish we could go back in time and re-write them with a very different outcome.

Sometimes, through the course of time the emotional charge dissipates, slowly but surely, until they become simply memories and nothing more. Instead of the instantaneous sting of an unpleasant emotion we simply feeling nothing, not numb but neutral. We no longer have to try and avoid them or attempt to distract ourselves in a futile effort to outrun them.

As I mentioned sometimes that’s the course they follow. However, all too often, they don’t. Our subconscious chooses the next, but by far not the best option, to quickly bury them deep into the recesses of our mind with the hope they will never surface into our consciousness again. We forget that we even forgot them. It’s like they never happened. But they did, and even though we may not be consciously aware they are there, they still are. Playing a role in the flavouring of every life experience we have.

Have you ever had those moments where for no apparent reason you suddenly feel sad,  discouraged, or any of the other bouquet of labelled emotions we deem unpleasant? We look around at our current circumstances and are poignantly aware of the irony of the experience. Everything in our physical circumstances stands in abrupt contrast to the emotion  we are feeling yet we cannot deny we feel it. In fact it is so powerful it often overrides the current pleasure we should be feeling and taints the essence of what it should be.

Our reflex response is to look around our external surroundings desperately searching for the perpetrator of this heinous act. Baring that  we dive into trying to analyze and resolve the discrepancy. As we continue to focus on the emotions we find ourselves beginning to create plausible scenarios on why, and from that effortlessly create a litany of potential and unwanted futures.

Emotions are very powerful and often override the reality of our present experience. We decide that maybe this present moment isn’t as good as we think it is. And maybe the future isn’t as rosy as we originally hoped. Our emotions don’t lie right? So it must be us that are mistaken. Maybe our dreams and desires aren’t as possible as we originally thought. As we  continue to nurture these unpleasant scenarios we continue to bounce up and down on the diving board of the present moment and suddenly launch into a very different future than the one we knew only a scant few moments ago. Day has essentially turned to night.

Now let’s talk about what’s really happening. Those unruly emotions lurking in the backwoods of your mind would dearly love to leave your presence and be on their merry way leaving you with the wondrous feelings of relief that accompany an inert memory. As a matter of fact they are very aware that, until we release them, they provide very persistent road blocks to the manifesting of our dreams and desires. Slowly but surely they emerge from our unconscious mind and wind their way through our conscious awareness riding off into the sunset never to be seen again. Often we’re not even aware this process is happening. Other times we are. One of the best ways to identify this very valuable and liberating process is when we feel these emotions for no identifiable reason.

So if you’re feeling sad, feel sad. If you’re feeling mad, feel mad. Understand and know that it is simply a transient, albeit uncomfortable sensation of an emotion. It is not a proclamation of the future or an omen of bad tidings. Resist the urge to use it as fodder for a undesired future that will be a complete fantasy of your wondrous imagination. Don’t incessantly search for the perpetrator of this injustice in your external surroundings.

Simply “be” with it. I believe you will discover, as I did, that it will leave as quickly as it came and you have just allowed one more obstacle to the complete manifestation of your dreams to  bid it’s adieu and make way for a new and greater manifestation of who you really are.

And if you’re miserable and you know it, clap your hands.


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