The Blessing of a Curse


When do we offer the most powerful testimony to our spiritual way of life? Is it when we’re riding high, walking tall and victorious? It’s been my experience that it’s the exact opposite. It’s in the moments of pain and discomfort that we have the opportunity to radiate our truth in a way that’s irresistible to those around us.

I remember a time in the early days of the my own personal journey  when we held weekly meditation gatherings in our home offices of The Healing Center in Red Deer, Alberta. There were more times than I can count where because of either physical pain, or emotional turmoil anyone in their right mind would have canceled a particular gathering. How could I provide inspiration, education, and leadership if I was immersed in the exact opposite?  People do not come to events to have the leader drag his butt into the room and struggle through the evening.

However, that’s not the way I chose to look at it. One of the underlying principles in our life and through osmosis our teachings is to “keep it real”. Too often sojourners on a journey of evolution and growth have this misconception that it will be this soft and fluffy walk through a garden of roses, daffodils, and sunshine.  I believe this comes from thinking our mentors and teachers are like actors in a spaghetti western movie. They never run out of bullets and never have to go to the bathroom. We take a brief glimpse of them through a two hour seminar and mistakenly extrapolate those 120 minutes into a picture of what every day must look like for them.

I don’t know about you but I’ve found that my walk is a little bit different. While it is the best path we can ever walk it does have it’s share of challenges and rough patches. It is in these experiences a priceless jewel lies. It is “easy” to stay true to your lofty principles when everything is going your way. It’s a whole different story when they are not.

It’s been my experience that the testimony that speaks the loudest both to our supporters and our critics is the latter.

It was in those gatherings where I kept true to my message and truth, allowing those gathered to witness my human frailties and pain while I kept on walking that I offered my strongest testimony. During those times I bared my soul before them and acknowledged I was tired, and sore, and hurt, and frustrated and still kept on walking.

This same priceless understanding plays out every day  in our interactions with those around us. It is in these moments that we can offer the strongest testament to the value of our beliefs and practices.

We aren’t “perfect”. We aren’t a super hero. We are not an actor from a Western movie.

We are “simply” ordinary people choosing to walk an extraordinary path.

Some days we walk victoriously through each moment and others we struggle.

But despite the ups and down we continue to choose to live.

And it’s in those moments of difficultly, that instead of hiding in a closet, or pasting a celluloid grin on our face and pretend everything’s okay, we allow those around us to see our frailties and keep on walking.

Keep on choosing to get busy living rather than get busy dying.

Choosing to live our beliefs even though it’s not easy.

That is when we truly speak to all those around us.

That true spirituality, growth, and expansion are not just something we blithely talk about but a powerful way of living.

And that speaks far louder than words ever could.


Why I chose the five dollar roll of packing tape …


The photo I’ve attached to this entry may appear ridiculously  benign,  yet contains a very important milestone in the growth of the Healing Center and my own personal journey. It’s the front of a liquidation store, no different than ones  you have undoubtedly shopped at yourself. In this one, however lay a treasure. A roll of clear packing tape.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, the ol’ boy has totally lost it now, but hear me out.

I’ve just finished teaching a Reiki workshop in Lethbridge, Alberta. Lethbridge holds a special place in my heart for a variety of reasons, one of them being this was the first workshop I taught outside of my home town after I launched into choosing teaching Reiki, meditation, and manifesting abundance as not only my passion but my full time occupation.

Although it was three and a half years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. We were stretching big time for this teaching trip. The journey would take us 250 miles away from home which for me at the time was like going to the moon. Money was tight at the time. Did I say tight? I mean piano wire tight. I can remember calling the hotel to make sure I had enough money  to cover the room and any hold they did for incidentals. I counted my pennies over and over fretting mildly as to whether I would have enough to cover our meals, travel expenses, etc.

The weeks leading up to the event were a roller coaster ride through doubt and trepidation. The voices in my mind were heralding the good sense counsel assuring me the life style I was choosing to embark upon was a foolish one that would inevitable lead to disappointment and disaster.

But I chose to know what I know. To choose to know that my dreams were more than simply fantasies and I did have the ability to change my stars and live the life I chose to believe was true.

The weekend arrived and I vividly remember the anxious knots in my stomach as we first saw the Lethbridge skyline looming in the distance. Would I be able to pull this off? Could I really take our teaching experience on the road and inspire and motivate four complete strangers?

Could I really count on what I chose to know that I know?

I can remember talking to my partner Mary Jo and deciding together that no matter what, we would be sitting by the hotel pool on Sunday evening after the workshop and the flavour of our conversation would be how perfect the weekend was and how wonderful our students were. We would be feeling abundant, on purpose, and we would know that we know that we can teach, not only  250 miles away but 2500 miles away and even further.

You know what? On that Sunday evening we did just that. We knew what we knew. We knew that all things were possible.

So where does the clear packing tape come into the story?

When we had finished up the workshop we needed some packing tape to secure some of our teaching gear. We walked into the very shop illustrated in the picture and found the appropriate isle where a variety of rolls of tape where displayed. For our purposes there was two different sizes of rolls to choose from. A smaller roll priced at $3.00 and a larger one which was $5.00 and contained three times as much as the smaller one. My first inclination was to reach for the three dollar roll. While the larger one was obviously a better deal, and we always have uses for packing tape, it is was more than we needed for that trip and after all was two dollars more.

In the whole scheme of things it didn’t really matter which one I chose. I mean it was only two dollars different. What mattered so much more was the reason I automatically chose the cheaper one. In my mind the question that presented itself was “Was I able to afford the more expensive one?” I realize this will probably make you laugh and I have to admit I chuckle to myself when I think of it. However, at that time the question and the challenge it presented was huge.

Here I was just the night before feeling all abundant and now I was stressing over two dollars.

I remembered that I had chosen to know what I know. That I had chosen to live a life of abundance. I had chosen to know that, and I once again I was presented with an opportunity to choose to live from that place.

I chose the larger roll.

A lot has transpired since that moment. Through it all here’s what I know to be true.

We don’t ever really completely know something. Oh, we may think we do, but then our horizons are expanded a little bit further and our faith is refined a bit more and we have the opportunity to chose to know what we know, and then if we persist we step from the challenge of belief into the ecstasy of knowing what we know to be true.

Our life experience is built upon first choosing to know something to be true in our lives. Choosing to believe in a dream and choosing to believe that we can experience it. A place far out side the boundaries of logic and common sense.

We first must choose it to be true. Choose to “know” it to be true. Than as we walk step by step we reach the place of knowing it to be so.

You may wonder why I still even remember that event, but for me that choice was just as important as the one that resulted in teaching that very workshop.

Did I really know what I chose to know and would I act upon that?

Now flash forward  three and a half years to the present moment. I happened to look at my trip planner and it tells me in the last four months I have traveled 22, 000 miles, to 16 cites, and spend 65 days on the road. In the last four months I have taught our workshops on every weekend but two. The volume of finances that flow into and through my present moment experience continue to increase and I live a life of ever increasing abundance.

I’ve come a long way since that roll of packing tape.

The opportunity I offer to you is, when you have the option of choosing the three dollar or the five dollar “role of packing tape” in your journey, which one will you choose?

I can see clearly now

As I look out through the eyes of this vehicle called I body I am keenly aware o the presence that lies within my and flows through me. Maybe, for the first itme in my ife I’m starting to understand what those preachers on the pulpit used to say when they would say The spirit of God came upone me”. Or they would read from scripture where it says “The spirit of god came upon them”. Forceing and flowing. I have said it, and read it, many times but believe I am now just beginning to understand it. Once you kow what to look for and know what to feel for it is really quite obvious. And simple. Not always easy.In our human existence we are ogten buffeted about by our emotions and the perceived power of our illusions called physical reality. Isn’t it ironic how humans believe so completely in those things that are so insubstantial. Thinking, choosing them, to be substaintal. Embuing updont ehm the properties of completeess. Yet those things that are real. That which makes the physical the phsycial they relegate to the realms of theories, philospoies, and wonderment. Fanciful daydreams that they know will never come true. How ironic that they don’t have to become true because they are the truth.


I say to you, my children. You are perfect and complete. How my heart dreams that each of you would remember that. Yet you continue to chase after those things that will begin you on ly the need to chase oafter more things looking for the answer that resides inside your skin. All the time, every day.

But I know that is the quest of the warrior. That is what we choose to do. You and I. Befre you entered your perception of this experience. And we will continue to walk, you and I. I will never force you into your truth. That is an agreement we made. No matter how much I may want to. Because that would only cheat you out of the delightment of discover.

Welcome to our most wonderful game. The game of life. The game of discover. The game of remembering who  you are.

The things you can do when you’re not “smart” enough to know you can’t

You know, there’s a lot of wisdom in not being smart enough to know you “can’t” do something.

 I want you to write down all the goals and desires you honestly feel you can accomplish. These are usually the things you would like to do, places you would like to go, or people you would like to meet. These will be the ones you talk to your friends and acquaintances about. Maybe it’s taking a trip to another country. Maybe it’s getting in shape and loosing those ten pounds. Maybe it’s a financial goal say for instance paying off your mortgage. Place each of these items on a list labeled “I Can”.

Now take a second piece of paper with the words “I can’t” at the top. These are where your dreams go. “Wait a minute!” you may say. I have already done that on my other list. May I offer to you that you did not. You see dreams aren’t dreams if they are “possible”. Dreams are not something that you do. Dreams are something that you are. The dreams I am talking about are the ones that you do not tell everyone else in the coffee room at work. They are not the ones that embody the pictures of far off exotic places you would love to go that adorn your office walls.

These are the ones you tell no one about. Sometimes not even yourself. These are the ones that creep into your mind when you aren’t paying attention. The ones you are almost afraid to contemplate because as you allow the images to manifest in your mind you know deep down that they will always be nothing more than dreams. Fanciful visions that will never come to pass. So you bury them deep into your sub-consciousness, frankly because it’s safer that way. .

Let me tell you something about dreams. For some dreams are the stuff of which movies are created and books are written. Play’s are inspired and performed.

May I, with as much respect as I can muster, say to you that while that is a lovely vision it is simply not fact.  Dreams are nothing more than foreshadows of a future that could be.  Even more than being a possibility they can even manifest into probability and even inevitability.

The only spark they require from you is a simply act of faith. A choice. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just a choice. But before you do, know this. The act of choosing is the spark that ignites the infinite power source locked in the realms of the universe simply waiting to be unleashed. Your choice is the act that lights the fires of creation that will literally begin to re-shape all of eternity around you. So you say “What! The entire universe reshapes itself! Just for me? I am not anyone special. At least not that the whole world revolves around me. “

Yes you are. Many people will try through their outward behaviors to create a world that revolves around them so they may feel powerful and safe. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just that sometimes we go about it the wrong way.  Choose inside first. Rather than try and reshape your surroundings with your own strength why not simply release your dreams to the universe and choose to believe you are as wonderful as you think (or hope) you are. Many times we confuse this with arrogance or self centeredness. When we try and reshape our external surroundings that’s exactly what it is. We try to create an external environment and will cause us to feel a certain way inside.

There’s nothing wrong with this approach we just have it backwards. Choose who you are inside. Take your dreams out of the closet, unwrap them from the colorful glitter paper and ribbons you’ve used to hide them away for so long. Look at them and say “I am that”. Those of you who have watched the Moses Code movie will understand the power in those words.

Then, actively begin to look, and search for, external evidence to confirm your statement of belief. Don’t try and create them, simply watch for them. They will be there. Maybe not in the form of lightening from a clear blue sky but they will be there. Maybe in a passing billboard, or a song on the radio, or the chance words of an acquaintance. They are simply the universe’s way of saying “I am here”.

When we start to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

It’s time to remember who you are. And act upon it.

So who’s the angel anyway?


As I type this I’m sitting in one of the most spiritual places I know – Tim Hortons! <grin> As I gaze around me at the people filing in and out with coffee in hand I notice the young couple sitting beside me. A lovely young lady sharing a bagel with a friend or family member. He obviously has some mental challenges that he wakes up to, and I’m sure walks through, every day. As they converse she gently watches him helping him arrange his drink when he needs it. They talk and they laugh.

And I ask myself “Who’s the angel anyway?”

I always tell my students that I can pretty much guarantee their journeys won’t always be easy but I can unequivocally assure them that they will always be worth it. My mind floats back to a time years ago when I was presented with an opportunity to practice this in a very real way. I remember it as clear as if it were yesterday. A series of events had brought me to a most interesting place. One that many of you have may be been in yourself. I was in many ways in a place of darkness. Instigated by external circumstances but created within my mind and encompassing my heart. I had been challenged, maligned and accused. I was so tired. The voices in my mind screamed to me “Why don’t you quit! Haven’t you have enough? You know if you quite right now that so many of these adversities would dissipate?” In that moment every cell of my body felt physical pain. Especially considering I knew it was true.

And then the most amazing thing happened. Beneath all this a voice said to me. “You now have the wonderful opportunity to choose once again which way you will go. If you stop growing and helping and sharing what you have learnt with all those who have come through your doors it will probably get easier. At least for a moment. At least it will appear that way. However, I also say to you that the initial relief from what you are not experiencing has a cost attached to it that is simply too much to pay. Also know that in every moment of your time on this earth you have the opportunity to choose. It’s really very simple. Will you choose to live? Or die.”

In that moment. Even though my mind, my logic, the pain in my heart screamed no. I said in a quite voice “Yes.” What’s even more amazing is that nothing changed. At least not externally. The pain and the conundrum of voices were still there. Yet despite that I kept going. All I could do was put one foot after the other. So many times that’s all you have to do.

I forced myself to continue on my errands one of which led me to a pet store. The Healing Center now has an official mascot. A beard dragon by the name of Vince… yes, he’s a lizard! As I walked in the store I was greeted by the owner. He was an interesting sort. He looked like the kind of guy you’d expect to have a lizard store. As he showed me through the variety of aquariums and containers containing every sort of creature you could think of he off handedly make a remark about a minor conflict with an earlier customer.  It was nothing of real consequence. I can’t even frankly remember how it came up. If I reminded him of the event now he would undoubtedly not even remember. But I do. Like it happened yesterday. I remember the other customers in the store.  I remember the exact kind of weather we were having that day. I remember each and every one of the tanks, aquariums, and variety of accessories and supplies. Because in, and through, his remake came the answer to my torment.

It wasn’t what he said that was so important. I actually can’t remember his exact words. If anyone else had been they never would have recognized the immeasurable value in his words. They weren’t meant for them. They were meant for me. From that very moment the clouds over my heart and mind began to lift. As I drove back to Red Deer I knew that things were going to be alright. I was grateful, and proud of myself, that in that moment of decision I choose once again to live. And that very choice set in motion the events that transpired a few short hours later through the owner of lizard store.

And I ask myself, “Who’s the Angel Anyway?”

In conclusion I offer a suggestion. In those times, and we’ve all had them, when we look to the Heavens and with a voice louder that we could ever utter from our lips because it comes from our hearts we shout out “Why!” We implore whoever is listening to help us walk through the challenge that’s ahead of us. From the depths of our bellies we know that without some type of divine intervention we will not survive another day. We gaze upward waiting for the answer. Waiting for a way out or a way through.  I offer this thought. Rather that looking up; look out. So many times our answer comes not from above. Not from the splitting of the skies or rumbling of the earth but from the guy who pumps your gas or delivers your paper, who serves you your coffee, who’s standing behind you in the line up at the grocery store.

And the next time you share a kind word with a stranger, or compliment a waitress on the good job they’re doing think of this. What if you are the answer to their greatest need?

Ask yourself. In that moment “Who’s the Angel Anyway?”

When do you feel?

Many times we are asked how we feel. Almost without fail the response will be related to how we physically feel and not how we emotionally feel. I think this is a profound commentary on how little we pay attention to emotions. What we are really feeling. Not those pat answers like “not bad”, “getting by”, “fine”, and the other assortment of response we have stored on the shelves of our subconscious from which we haphazardly pick one when presented with the query. The more I grow and develop on this journey called “life” the more I’m realizing that emotions are a foundational key through which we can either open, or seal, the doorway through which our futures lie.


I propose a small experiment. Get comfortable, close your eyes, and take some nice deep breaths. Remember to breathe with your abdomen so allow you stomach to extend a little bit to allow you to fill your lungs completely with air and then relax and allow the air to release through your nose and mouth. Allow your mind to float back to an event in your past that has an emotional impact. It could be positive or negative. If it happens to be a negative one don’t feel you have to allow yourself to be overwhelmed by it. The point here is to only allow you to noticeably feel an emotion.


Now ask yourself a question.  “When am I feeling this emotion”? Herein lays the key. Even though the event you are remembering could have happened ten days or ten years ago you can only feel an emotion in the present moment (now). You cannot feel in the past or even in the future. You can only feel right here, right now.

Our memories and our emotions are not intrinsically connected. The memory is a trigger, which causes us to feel the emotion that was felt when the initial event happened in the present moment. 


We cannot change the past. Right, wrong, or otherwise what has happened has happened. We also cannot control the future. After all it hasn’t even happened yet. The emotions we feel when we think of events in our future are simply responses to a trigger. Not different than the past just in opposite directions. The only thing we can change is what we are feeling in the present moment.


The good news is all we have to do is change what we are feeling in the present moment. We don’t have to magically undo the past or circumvent events in our future. What we have the amazing opportunity to do is change the emotions we are feeling in the present moment which are triggered by the event.


It may appear like I’ve only succeeded in defining the problem and not the solution. I believe if you stop and allow what I’m proposed to sink into your soul you will realize, as I have, that it is indeed the solution. More importantly it is the key to your freedom and the restoration of your power.


Sometimes bad things happen to good people. I wish it wasn’t so however all of us can attest to this fact as we allow our memories to walk through the injustices and even abuses that we have experienced. So many, through no fault of our own. Once your realize the full impact of what I am saying you will begin to realize that you truly are not a victim. You are not powerless. Even though the impacts of what you have experienced may currently be paralyzing you and have mired you on the sidelines of your live it doesn’t have to continue. We cannot change the past. That is true. We cannot change the future. That is true as well. We can however change the present. This is where our power lies. This is where we can invoke our power to choose.


The past is not your fault. It is your responsibility. You are the owner of your present moment. Nobody can take that from you. Because of this you can begin to release the emotions attached to those triggers and in doing so allow you body to return to its natural state of health and wellness.


The roadmaps to this place of release are varied and many. As many of you know we keep very busy at The Healing Centre teaching and treating with Reiki. I personally have seen countless individuals regain their power through the two of us joining as a team during a session and together bringing those emotions from the darkness of fear into the light of or present moment awareness and watching them gracefully and powerful dissipate into thin air. Is it easy? Absolutely not! Is it worth it? A thousand times I will say a resounding yes!


I suggest a couple of very goods books that I have found immensely helpful in reaching and maintaining present moment awareness and releasing emotions.


Emotional Alchemy by Tara Bennett-Goleman

The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin

One night in the woods

I often take walks in the late evening as a form of meditation. For me meditation is really about a state of awareness more than a physical activity. I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people who have attended our weekly meditation gatherings who have shared with me how beneficial they have been for them and how much they look forward to coming each week. I always try to share with them that that “feeling” they experience at our gatherings is not unique to there. That experience of reacquainting themselves with that place inside each of us that’s at perfect peace and perfect stillness is accessible anytime anywhere. In those moments, among a group of people of like-mindedness, our shared energies foster a place where we can touch that easier. Very quickly our spirit remembers and the journey from outer illusion to inner reality becomes easier.  It is in the spirit of this that I present the following.



All there is is Love. It is the originator, the giver of life essence, and the ultimate destination of everyone and everything. All there is is Love.


So what is Love? Our culture has created a myriad of definitions and connotations of what love is. Mainstream media, religions, retailers, and even phone companies have hopped on the bandwagon to construct their own version of what they would have us believe Love is. Any many of us have bought into their self-promoting intentions. Love is not an organization. It is not a doctrine. It is not a philosophy. It is not something you read on the inside of a greeting card or watch on the late night movies our parents forbid us from watching when we were younger.


So what is Love? Here’s the secret. Love cannot be described. It cannot be communicated. It can only be experienced.


Love is death. Love is Fear. Love is rebirth. All there is is love.


It was quite late in the evening as I walked following my usual route which, as was my habit, concluded in a small opening surrounded by towering mature trees. In the center of the clearing was a small hill that obviously been man made and undoubtedly was a great source of pleasure during the winter as children would slide and tumble down it’s gentle slopes.


I would often stand on the hill and allow myself to simply feel. We spend so much time thinking and so little feeling. I had stood on the hill many times before and as I closed my eyes I imagined myself standing in the middle of a large amphitheater with the moon as my spotlight and the grass and trees as my audience and teachers. To our logical mind this makes no sense. In many respects that’s the key to understanding. There is a time and place for our “common sense” but there are also those moments when it simply cannot contain the experience that’s presented to us.


The past days and weeks had been an interesting one for me. With many new experiences, both internally and external, I had often allowed my mind to contemplate how and why my present, and future, were presenting themselves in the manner they were.


Then it started. It began as a tiny trickling of images, thoughts, and emotions but quickly grew to a raging torrent. My mind began to reel as it was engulfed with stimulus it could never contain or control. In what seemed like an instance my mind and heart were locked in a vicious tug of war. The gentle tugging in my heart that I had gotten used to feeling was starting to build and grow in intensity.


In that moment when my heart truly felt physical pain as the confluence of emotions, memories, hopes I dared not entertain, dreams I sealed so far away because they seemed so incredulous engulfed me like a flood.


In that moment when my heart cried out for relief. In that space outside of time. I pleaded to my creator and all of creation to take this away from me because it felt like my heart would explode and shatter into a thousand pieces. A still, small, and yet endlessly powerful voice said to me with words beyond my understanding “Then let it break.” How can this be? My mind was reeling trying to analyze and organization this seemingly life ending suggestion. My heart stretched and groaned as the immense pressure was continuing to build inside me. I shouted to myself to set it aside. This was crazy. I needed to resist. I needed to come back to reality. Why was I feeling what I was feeling? The thoughts and emotions were too fearful and beautiful for me to dare to allow them to fully enter my mind. And beneath the battle zone of thoughts and emotions raging inside my mind and body. The voice calmly said, “Let it break.”


As the moments manifested into what seemed like hours the battle continued. I would experience short periods of relief as they would recede further back into my subconscious and I would quickly gasp for air like a drowning man who momentary breaks through the surface of the water to draw in a breath of air in a futile attempt to save himself. Then just as quickly as they retreated they would assault me with a new wave of advancement and my heart would twist and writhe in pain


All the while the voice said to me “Let it break”.


In the din of the raging onslaught something began to change. Maybe it was the words that were said but looking back now I realize it origninate from  the source from where they came. Something inside me buried deep beneath my thoughts and my emotions. Something so intimate that even now I cannot craft the words to describe it.


The choice was presented to me. I was standing at a precipice gazing down at a gorge that descended forever. It was a choice from which there would be turning back. Once I took the step that would thrust me into the unknown. A step that looking through my conscious eyes would shirley kill me. And yet I had a choice. Which voice would I listen to? The voice of reason that arose from years of indoctrination and programming. Or the still small voice that said “Let your heart break”. My mind twisted and contorted in agony as the desire to jump began to build and confront the pre-conceived notions and rules and does and don’ts head on.


Then in a twinkling of an eye it became crystal clear. Both were correct. The voice told me to jump. My mind screamed in my ear that I would die should I choose this folly. They were both right. If I jumped, and allowed my heart to break I would die. However, in giving up my life I would gain it. It still didn’t add up. Did not make sense.  But that didn’t seem to matter. Not now. In an act of surrender I spoke to whoever, or whatever was listening and said, “I surrender. I choose to release my heart and allow the raging forces inside it to shatter it into a thousand pieces.


And I died. And in that exact instant, as I watched the broken shards of my heart disappear into nothingness. I was re-born. Or maybe born for the first time. At that point it didn’t matter. At that point nothing mattered.


In that instance my heart transformed into that which cannot be describe only experienced. I was suddenly so much more expansive than the limiting perimeters of my physical body. In that moment I knew all things are possible. In that moment I understood a fresh and anew the illusion that separation was. In that moment I could feel the coolness of the dew on grass beneath my feet and at the same time I stretched into the vastness of space and touched the stars.


In our western world built on separation, competition, envy, and an assortment of self defeating concepts we have this innate ability and desire to accumulate, store and hoard. It’s understandable really. We live in a society that’s asleep.


I know that this is a direct assault on your reasoning and intellect but I share this with as much sincerity and integrity I can muster. Freedom does not come in gathering, hoarding. It comes in releasing. Everything.


The entire universe is conspiring for you. There is a power that knows no bounds that is available to you in every moment. You hold the key. It is the power of choice. By your choices you unleashed the awesome creative power of Love. After all all there is is Love.


Today I present you with a choice. For some this is exactly where you are at in this moment in time. For others this may be a prelude to what your future will bring. I’m not asking or expecting anything from you. Simply offering a choice.


And it is this. Do you choose to fuel your fears, live in a mind set of lack and not enough? Creating your future through toiling and struggling under your own power. Or do you choose to give it all up. Notice I didn’t say give up. I said give it all up. Release your dreams, your challenges, and your struggles. Just let it go. It can be scary. I know. But it is also a doorway to  a freedom that you’ve maybe never felt before.


Love is all there is. Love is Fear. Love is Power. Everything originates from Love. There is nowhere Love is not. When you choose to give it all up you plunge yourself into a sea of the same creative force that birthed the universes and cause each blade of grass to grow.


The choice is always yours.